Blog: February 2016

Watch this!

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  We are extremely pleased to have produced and completed our new commercial showreel. Within the film's two minutes and 23 seconds, which you can view here, we hope to highlight our vast filming capacity. Our commercial campaigns are engaging, more

If you build it….

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Seadog has at last finished moving into the new offices, which are in the suitably dramatic and gothic surroundings of a beautiful old church in Dartmouth. It’s been a frantic month revamping (is revamping a good word to use when you talk about moving i more

Filming in Rio

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Seadog has just finished filming a short project for G-Form in Rio, which involved our intrepid cameraman Rich dangling from helicopters tracking the extraordinary activities of wingsuit flyers. Some of the sequences passing the huge statue of Christ that more

Tracking the Sea Wolf

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After the runaway success of the Great Shark Chase, we’re looking at a project in Northern Norway tracking orca’s within the fabulously beautiful Lofoten Islands. We’re chatting to certain key partners, including film-makers and scientists, about th more