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Introducing Seadog Creative

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We're delighted to announce the official launch of Seadog Creative, the new branch of Seadog TV and Film Productions.   Our new Creative team produces story-led content that you won’t need to push on your audience, they’ll seek it out more

A reunion 74 years overdue

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Remember Jimmy and Silvo from episode two of WWII’s Great Escapes? Silvio Alboni was just 13 years old when he found three prisoners of war outside a neighbour’s barn. Silvio was an orphan, he didn’t go to school, seldom wore shoes and had little more

Invest in TV that matters…

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Invest in TV that matters... We’re releasing a limited number of shares to new and established investors We set up Seadog to tell significant stories about the world we live in, with real passion and professionalism. Our first two years of operatio more

The Land Rover Marine Defender

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In 2013 Land Rover created something unique - a bespoke Defender designed to support expeditions and marine conservation projects. This is the Marine Defender. Designed for Monty to support his marine projects, the Marine Defender starred the Discovery more

The Comet Line

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WWII's Great Escapes - Bob Frost
In episode 4 of WWII’s Great Escapes, Monty crosses the Pyrenees mountains, following one of the most challenging and famous escape lines out of France. It was called the Pat O’Leary Line, and was hugely effective in helping thousands of POWs and refu more

Books to Accompany WWII’s Great Escapes

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WWII's Great Escapes - Books
The Channel 4 WWII's Great Escapes series was the result of many many months of research and planning. The following books, amongst numerous others, proved invaluable in the production process (except one, which was written about the process itself) and a more

Escaping Hitler Book Launch

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WWII's Great Escapes - Monty Halls Book
Monty's new book, 'Escaping Hitler: Stories of Courage and Endurance on the Freedom Trails', is now out and available to buy. Written to accompany the WWII's Great Escapes series on Channel 4, the book mixes new research, interviews with survivors and Mon more

“Well lads, you’re on your own now”

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WWII's Great Escapes - Len and Nick
In episode two of WWII's Great Escapes: The Freedom Trails, Monty follows the journey made by British Colour Sergeant Len Harley (above, left) after his escape from Campo 78, in central Italy's Abruzzo region. Len had been imprisoned for more than two more